Over last few years NSTMIS in DST had involved stakeholders from different walks of economic actions and evolved a framework to measure the innovation and knowledge creation capabilities of the various actors in the process of innovation. This includes manufacturing industrial enterprises at the one end and the tiny unorganized segments of the economy at the other along with R &D organizations as technology generators. The NSTMIS framework adopts the internationally accepted concepts and definitions on the measurement innovation, and has been endorsed by the national and international experts. The framework is now being adopted as an instrument for innovation survey at the national level.

Innovation is widely accepted as a complex process having feedback mechanism and involves interactive relations among science, technology, learning, production, institutions, organizations, policy and market.

As the traditional S&T indicators used in the assessment and planning of national scientific resources have limitations in capturing the multidimensional innovation process, many industrialized countries and of late, some developing countries be followed by similar survey of the R&D organizations and subsequently the tiny and unorganized sector.